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Speed up your Nokia Phone Please delete my threads if repost 1. First change ur phone date to 03/04/2005 2. Go to Menu -> Office -> To-do List. 3. Make a new to do note with following data : Subject : Speed Due date : 04/08/2005 Priority : High 4. Press Done, but don't Exit. 5. Now make another note with: Subject : Qoukie Due date : 04/08/2005 Priority : Low 6. Press Done & Exit to Stand-Byscreen. 7 . Now go back again to To-do List. 8. Press "options" & "mark as done" ( Do this to the notes in the order above ) 9. Exit & update the phone date. if you r not satisfied then all youhave to do is delete all the "to do" Well tested on E series phones...
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